…this is the core of our company.

We strongly believe that companies are more successful, when their employees are happy, because happy employees work more productive. They go the extra mile, they can unfold their full potential.

Find out our different ways of our culture:



We believe that for being effective and productive we don’t have to be chained to our desks. We’d rather put our energy to the test by leaving our office from time to time and break out to explore new areas. Our latest adventure led us to Gut Güldenstein where we worked, ate and celebrated our time together. This experience allows us to grow together, come back stronger and more united then before our offsite and what makes it so awesome - we’re motivated, we'reier. Ideas Engineering supports team building and we love it.



Meetings and deadlines put us on a daily base on the co driver seat. We’re being driven by pressure - to be on time, to hit the budget, to be focussed until our day is over without really taking a break. Don’t you have the feeling you didn’t hit your daily goals? If so, Mindfulness gives you the break to reload your batteries, to refocus and thereby reach your daily goals. Science has proven that taking the time to focus on yourself leads to a better outcome for the goals you chose for your daily work. So we take the time to rest our minds however stressful our day is turning out to be. We encourage you to join us. Come and visit our sessions...



Ideas believes we should never stop learning. This way we improve ourselves and the results we present. Not everyone can learn everything but we empower our colleagues to share their knowledge with us. Once a year we get together and organize sessions to show what we learned within the past year. Each Ideas member is invited to participate by offering and visiting those sessions. We improve our general knowledge but what is even more important, we improve our domain knowledge.



At Ideas we want to stay always up to date and beyond. We empower our colleagues to visit trainings, conferences and to participate in Hackathons. With every fibre of our being we believe we must empower education so we can give our best knowledge to our customers. Whenever we learn something new we facilitate cross team session so we can assimilate what others learned already. We put our learnings to the test by constantly innovating and moving towards new technologies and methodology to improve ourselves.

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.” ― Michel Legrand


Im Bewerbungsprozess suchen Firmen »die besten und fähigsten Leute« und stellen die Crème de la Crème ein. 

Anstatt ihnen eine Vision mit Sogkraft zu geben und auf ihre Fähigkeiten zu setzen, wird ihnen im Anschluß allzu oft vorgegeben, was zu tun ist. Individuen und Teams die Chance zur Selbstorganisation zu geben bedeutet, ihnen und ihren Fähigkeiten zu vertrauen. Es bedeutet Dezentralisierung von Kontrolle und den »WeQ « Mehrerer vor den »IQ « Einzelner zu stellen. Dahinter steht ein Menschenbild, dass Mitarbeiter*innen zutraut, gemeinsam sinnenhafte und verantwortungsvolle Entscheidungen zu treffen und das ihnen zugesteht, selbst zu gestalten und aus eigenen Erfahrungen zu lernen. Das ist die Grundlage für echte intrinsische Motivation, Commitment und somit ein entscheidender Erfolgsfaktor für jedes Unternehmen. 


»Das einzige Beständige ist der Wandel.« Diese Worte Friedrich Engels treffen heute mehr denn je zu, denn noch nie hat sich die Welt so rasant verändert. Ein agiles Mindset ist das Surfbrett, um den schnellen Wellen des Wandels mit einem freudigen Lächeln entgegenzusehen und dann direkt auf sie zuzusteuern. 

Für uns ist Agilität keine Methode, sondern eine Art zu denken und zu handeln. Ein agiles Mindset lässt sich sukzessive entwickeln, aber nicht in Seminaren schulen. Es ist beweglich und jederzeit in der Lage, sich upzudaten. Mit Leichtigkeit kann Bekanntes verworfen, Selbstverständliches in Frage gestellt, Unbekanntes freudig erkundet und aus neuen Erfahrungen gelernt werden. Agiles Mindset - das ist im Kern eine Haltung, die darauf basiert, Veränderung im Außen und im Innen als etwas Wertvolles zu sehen.  


How did we get here? Overall by ideas, try and error and results that innovate our daily lifes. Innovations in general are the thrive and basic of our modern existence. 

 We at Ideas believe that innovations are constantly coming up as thoughts, problems, dreams or during professional or private conversations and we need to capture and modulate them to extract an innovative product or service. Innovations at Ideas are based on collecting and sharing information and knowledge, everyone’s imagination and on developing a specific hands-on-experience using prototypes, models or try-outs. While sorting the big pile of raw ideas, we focus on economic costs, reproductivity and the specific needs of our customers and partners. As part of our work in the Ideas Innovation Framework, we are constantly adapting and recreating our processes to meet the ever changing expectations in our innovation lab.

 Our main goal is to be a vehicle in our company to support, modulate and innovate the daily challenges in working life.


Fun is a big factor when it comes to ideas, because we believe that it is only through fun that motivation, quality of life and thus the quality of work are promoted. Every employee is allowed to develop freely and also to suspend working hours and enjoy themselves. Be it the private exchange about the last vacation or the play session at one of the game consoles like e.g. the Play Station to Guitar hero. Only those who feel good at work and have fun and enjoyment come to the office every day with motivation and a good feeling.


Everyone is unique and that's a good thing. The Ideas offers everyone the chance to introduce themselves and their ideas at any time. Our employees have the opportunity to work on their own projects 3 hours a week and present their own visions. Moreover they can actively participate in the development of prototypes. The option of mobile working gives our employees room for personal development. In addition, flat hierarchies and a high feedback culture ensure a harmonious working atmosphere with feel-good guarantee.


We at Ideas support the mobile office and thus offer our employees the opportunity to move around the entire Axel Springer Campus. By using laptops, our employees are independent of their workplace and can also work from home in approved cases. The high flexibility of the mobile office has a positive effect on the work-life balance of our employees.