AR Business Card

WHAT... if your business cards were more than just a piece of cardboard with your name on it and you could use them interactively and multimedia to inspire your contacts?


Business cards have long been the preferred way to communicate contact information to a business partner. Those who want to impress invest in a special material, a striking design or tactile effects such as relief or punching. A new medium available to us today is augmented reality.


As part of this prototype, we created two virtual business cards. The first one is based on Apple's AR Kit and can be displayed via an iPhone. The second business card runs on the Magic Leap AR glasses. The challenge was to understand the image recognition in both systems, to distinguish several business cards and to display a suitable augmentation depending on the detected card.


Systems like Apple's AR Kit or the Magic Leap already have the ability to recognize and respond to images. With our prototype we show how well a business card can be augmented and in which way additional information can be presented or a special visual design can impress.