AR Content Discovery

WHAT... if the Newsfinder could show its content not only on the screen but right in the middle of the room?


Currently the Newsfinder displays the subscribed news in a web interface. But nowadays we have a variety of ways to consume content. We no longer need a screen, but can project content directly into the room.


We have pursued two approaches: On the one hand, the presentation of the news finder directly in the Helio Browser and on the other hand the installation of the news finder via A-Frame in the entire room. Originally, the Helio Browser was supposed to place the columns of the Newsfinder on the desk next to the monitor. However, this failed because we had to create 3D models, which was not possible within the scope of this prototype. The alternative was to generate an A-frame scene around the user in the room. This did work, but unfortunately we couldn't access the dynamic meshes of the room from here.


The Magic Leap One is a fantastic device to make content visible via Augmented Reality. However, the display of dynamic web content is still relatively unexplored.