AR Indoor Navigation

WHAT... if indoor navigation would never be a problem again? Augmented reality allows us to find our way even in completely strange and confusing building structures.


We already have AR technologies but they are still recent and not fully developed. In order to implement indoor navigation, we need to determine the position of the device, select a destination, calculate a route and visualize the whole thing.


We have attached markers to the walls of our conference rooms so that the glasses can recognize their location. In addition, we have added destination information to the markers to indicate a route to the final destination. In this way, we could display a route from room A to room B without actually calculating it, but saving it pre-defined. The actual calculation could be done in the next iteration of this prototype.


Since this is only a small PoC, we focused on the aspects of location and visualization. Theoretically the Magic Leap is capable of automatic room recognition, so we could have used it as a positioning tool. However, this feature doesn't work reliably yet, so we had to find an alternative.