WHAT... if the coffee machine recognizes your bad mood in the morning and tells you a joke?


Our coffee machine is only perceived as a tool for preparing coffee. But it could do so much more. You meet it several times a day and often have the most interesting conversations nearby. It would therefore be a waste if the coffee machine did not make a further contribution to the social life of its roommates.


The Coffee-Maker-Mood-Bot observes the person in front of the coffee machine with a camera. The image is not saved, but only evaluated and then discarded. As soon as a face is recognized in this image, a neural network calculates whether the face appears rather happy or unhappy. If there is an unhappy tendency, the bot will tell a joke from his joke database. Our attempt so far has had maximum success in cheering employees up.


The biggest challenges we faced were setting up the client on the Raspberry Pi and providing our cloud service based on OpenCV.