Content Coins

WHAT... if you could consume digital paid content without subscribing?


In order to guarantee a certain quality of journalistic content, payment restrictions on news pages are an important instrument. However, such paywalls often represent an obstacle for the final user, since the consumption of relevant information is usually linked to a subscription. This can have a deterrent effect if you only want to consume a single article but consider the remaining content to be uninteresting. In this way, information is lost to the reader and revenue to the news provider. How could a consensus be reached?


One potential solution to this conflict of interests could be the establishment of an optional micropayment to complement the current subscription offerings. Instead of making a long-term financial commitment, users can only pay for the articles and videos that really interest them. The personal SSO account can be used to select an optional prepaid wallet that users can top up with money and use to activate their preferred content.