Frantic Photo Reporter

WHAT... if in the future a single chatbot could take over the editor's task of filtering and sorting reader mailings via Instagram or Facebook?


Reader contributions can enrich the work of any editorial department. But filtering and sorting photos and film material takes a lot of time. A factor that is often limited, especially for editors. The energy invested here is often lacking elsewhere. Also the communication of the requirements to the readers is time-consuming, since often several channels have to be covered. How could all these challenges be solved in the best possible way?


A chatbot which takes over the communication with readers and bundles everything according to the wishes of the editorial staff could simplify the daily work in any newsroom. If a photo of a current event is needed, for example, the basic conditions could be communicated to all users without much effort via chatbot (challenges). Incoming images are then automatically checked according to the relevant criteria (resolution, motifs, objects, etc.) and only made available to the editor if all requirements are met. The number of submissions is thus reduced and an editor has more time for what is really important.