Hello Magic Leap

WHAT... if we could experience a virtual world within our real world? Augmented reality has made it possible and by now is almost end-user friendly. Magic Leap itself has created what they call Magicverse, a marketplace for reality-sensing applications which are supposed to make many aspects of our lives more exciting and efficient. Of course we want to be part of it and write our own apps.


Although we have already built prototypes with Unreal Engine, the Magic Leap entails new concepts such as the dynamic capture of meshes and, of course, the deployment cycle of the software itself.


Try out and learn!


The Magic Leap is pretty new and currently only available to developers as "Magic Leap One" edition. The developer community is very small and the tools are not fully evolved yet. Nevertheless, we dared to build the "Hello Magic Leap" prototype, which projects a virtual character into our Ideas Engineering Lounge.