WHAT... if Jira tickets no longer had to be filled in by hand?


The digital ticket system Jira is part of the daily work of many teams. However, the analog board which enables simple visualization of tasks could not be replaced as a popular tool. But synchronizing parallel boards is not always easy. Misunderstandings and lack of transparency are therefore unpleasant side effects. In order to prevent this and to ensure that the digital and analog boards are up-to-date, manual effort is required in addition to recording the tickets and updating the status. During the planning phase, it is usually necessary for one participant to enter data. How could this process be simplified?


For the team to be able to focus on the analog board during planning, parallel and uncomplicated control of the digital board would be a great advantage. Instead of having to enter bug tickets or status changes manually, synchronization by voice command would reduce the workload. A simple dictation could be used to create and fill tickets, change status parallel to the analog board and easily manage sprints. At the same time, requested tickets could be read on command, avoiding the need to search and wait on the computer. That way the team could fully focus on planning and easily synchronize digital and analog tickets without using a browser.