Magic Window Advertising

WHAT... if advertising banners would respond to the movement of my smartphone and give me a virtual view through a magic window?


Classic advertising banners are boring and hardly noticed anymore. Nevertheless, many publishers of digital content are depending on advertising to monetize their content.


Our solution is a 360° image embedded in the website, which visualizes a "Magic Window" via the gyroscope of the smartphone. By moving the smartphone, the user can change the position of the window and explore the image behind it. A clever design encourages the user to explore and understand the image.


The question addressed to Innovation Engineers is which technical possibilities arise nowadays with new technologies in order to make advertising banners more interesting and to encourage visitors to deal with the advertising message. Virtual Reality is a hot topic which has now arrived in the web browser. The challenge was to design an advertising medium that works in as many browsers as possible and is more interesting to the user than the classic banner. Since WebXR is not yet a valid standard and the handling of spherical coordinate systems involves some pitfalls, a reliable implementation turns out to be difficult.