The Game

WHAT... if we can play today what was conceived in Star Trek: The Next Generation of 1994 as an innovation of the 24th century?


So far the Magic Leap is only available as Creators Edition and therefore very experimental. The first demos show various possibilities to use AR as a new medium. Especially the automatic recognition of the room the user is in and the control by hand gesture are decisive.


Especially in the beginning there have been many obstacles to overcome. The simulator still only runs on a very specific driver version of the video card and a rather specific version of the Unreal Engine. There was a lot to test and develop.


The prototype "The Game" helped us to understand exactly how automatic meshing and gesture control works with Magic Leap. We got to know the Magic Leap Unreal Build, the Simulator and the Command Line Tool, which is used to develop the Magic Leap software. Finally, a game was created which has at least a recognition value among Star Trek fans.