Transcribe It

WHAT... if live streams of press conferences could be converted into text in real time? Without tedious transcription, without delay?


The live broadcast of press conferences continues to be a challenge for the media. As the consumption of audiovisual live videos on social media platforms is not possible in all situations, not every user can benefit from direct reporting. Conferences, interviews and situational reports have to be transcribed by editors over a long period of time before content is accessible to the audience in any situation. But in news business, too long a delay is often synonymous with loss of reputation. So how can spoken language be transcribed in real time to provide absolute up-to-dateness for all users?


To avoid tedious intermediate steps and to offer hearing-impaired users the greatest possible actuality, "Live Speech2Text" will process subtitles for social media without delay. Live videos are instantly transcribed and made available as subtitle tracks, overlay or transcripts. Automatic editing of texts created in this way is also possible with a short delay. While the user can now use live videos in any everyday situation without having to rely on the audio track, the respective provider convinces with topicality and at the same time benefits from the automatically transcribed texts.