Vacation Contract Assistant

WHAT... if I could track my holiday entitlement transparently and comprehensibly - without misunderstandings and ambiguities?


There are always misunderstandings between employers and employees when it comes to regulating holidays. Private, company and legal interests often clash and lead to great confusion. However, not only the conflict of interest is an obstacle, but also the incomprehensibility of the statutory and company holiday regulations. Different statements to legal holiday requirements raise the question, how those requirements can be visualized simply and transparently and made understandable, so that the obligatory question about the current annual vacation does not become an obstacle race.


In order to answer the question about annual leave, private, company and legal aspects have to be reconciled. Variables such as notice of termination, statutory leave entitlement and contract agreements must be compared and evaluated. Such an evaluation could be carried out as fairly and transparently as possible with a Smart Contract. At the same time, aspects such as vacation already taken and the start of the contract could be considered. With the Vacation Assistant Web app, every employee could query and track his or her current annual vacation. In this way, inconsistencies could easily be resolved and the interests of all could be safeguarded.