Virtual HQ

WHAT ... if we could view, enter and explore the new Axel-Springer building before its completion?


3D models have existed for a long time. But it's complicated and confusing to view them on a 2D monitor.


Today's VR technology enables us to actually explore 3D models in a 3D world. VR headsets with six-degrees-of-freedom (e.g. Oculus Rift or HTC Vive) allow us to enter and get to know the model of the new Axel Springer building by foot or teleporter.


The model we received from the architectural office had to be loaded into a 3D engine (e.g. Unreal or Unity) in order to be displayed in the headset. In addition, the model needed properties such as collision properties of the walls and accessibility of the floors. For the building to be more vibrant, it had to be supplemented by furniture, light and an environment.