VR Company Booth

WHAT... if you could introduce Axel Springer to visitors and applicants without guiding them through the entire building complex?


Visitors, customers and applicants are not uncommon in the context of Axel Springer. Many of them visit the building complex every day and would like to get to know the work of such a large media company first hand. Unfortunately, time is often lacking to show guests around and introduce them to the various areas. But not only newcomers could benefit from a better insight into Springer's work and structure. Even "old hands" frequently want more transparency and information about other departments and areas of responsibility. How could these two interests be met with a single solution?


In order to present the Springer complex to interested parties without long and time-consuming walking distances, a tour via VR glasses would be the ideal alternative. In a virtual exhibition, individual departments can be visualized in detail and underlaid with pictures, videos and texts. This provides visitors, applicants and customers with an insight to the work of their preferred brands. At the same time, Springer could present itself as an innovative group that is not only familiar with latest technologies but can also handle them. A virtual companion would also be possible to accompany the visitors in the virtual Springer building and support them as tour guide and helper. This prototype is based on the new Springer building and initially leads through the Immowelt and AS Ideas areas. No claim to reality was made as to the actual location of the brands in the building. In a virtual world, however, it is possible to implement almost all ideas and wishes.


The challenge was to integrate media and trigger volumes to design the area interactively. The different areas of the building respond to the user's movements and display the corresponding media.