VR Digital Arts Museum

WHAT... if we could experience digital art not only in dedicated exhibitions but directly at home in our living room? Virtual Reality enables us to create art not only visually and audibly, but also tactilely.


Bringing art into Virtual Reality has been available for every VR user since the release of Google's Tilt Brush. But what needs to be done to recreate a completely immersive art exhibition like the Digital Arts Museum in Tokyo? We worked our way into a series of tools to answer this question.


Finally we produced two worlds of experience, one in Unity and one in Unreal. Our Unity world includes an exhibition of fantastic creations designed by various artists in Tilt Brush. We also built an abstract mirror world in Unreal where visitors can see, hear and feel abstract art.


The biggest challenge was to combine all elements of VR in a virtual world. The biggest marketplace for virtual exhibits is Google Poly where artists offer their art from Tilt Brush or Blocks under different licenses. Connecting this library in Unreal was more difficult than expected. Also building virtual mirrors took us several hours of work.