What To Write About

WHAT... if there was finally reliable inspiration for writer's block and lack of ideas?


Every journalist and author is probably afraid of the moments when his own creativity reaches its limits. But the fact that you sometimes run out of ideas is human and can hardly be avoided. However, everyday editorial work offers little room for creative breaks. It would therefore be helpful to be able to rely on quick support in such situations. But what could inspiration look like during a writer's block?


Current trends and topics are always a reliable source of inspiration for exciting stories. But filtering from the vastness of news and social media platforms can become a tedious task. Integrated into the Content Exchange Platform (CEP), the tool "What to write about" could effectively free editors from this process. The latest topics no longer have to be actively searched for, but instead are available as direct suggestions. In this way, CEP editors could react quickly to the hottest trends and stay one step ahead of the competition.