Travelling to San Francisco to find out how
Silicon Valleys companies deal with the
challenge to turn a prototype to a product.



I want to learn how Silicon Valley companies implement the ideas/prototypes they grew within their teams onto their everyday business. How does Google get from developer-had-an-idea to such a winning product as Ad Words? How do they encourage, free the way for those who have such ideas? How do they set up the environment to nourish the implementation for all ideas they’re having? The question that i want to research: “How do they get from prototype to product?” I’m convinced that we need to understand how they do it, so we can learn & improve our own from-prototype-to-product-lifecycles.

Added value for department and company:

I aim to provide a major part of my Axel Springer will be seen as an innovator & a fast-paced tech company by educating & providing knowledge to other units. For Ideas Engineering I will be converting prototypes to product by following & adjusting examples from Silicon Valley best practices to our Axel Springer setting.