Our Framework

Everyone is welcome to join our innovation process by taking three hours a week to develop and present ideas during our innovation funnel. Or by spending a whole week creating a unique prototype, together with our innovation team.


Our Catalogue

Fancy a virtual art museum in your own living room? Or rather impress business partners with your new AR business cards? Our innovation process has produced unique prototypes. Get to know them!


AS Crowd

AS Crowd offers all Axel Springer employees worldwide the opportunity to shape the company by contributing ideas at any time and jointly working out solutions.


Artificial Intelligence



Our mission is to make AI accessible to everyone and to drive innovation. We focus on research ranging from traditional machine learning to modern deep learning.



Our vision is to turn Axel Springer into an AI First company which will shape the way how we make product tomorrow differently.


AI Research Area

Our research focus ranges from traditional machine learning to modern deep learning. Whether Computer Vision, NLP, Explainable AI, AutoML, Compression or Edge Computing – we love to explore.


Coach Pool


Change as chance

For us, agility is rather a way of thinking and acting than a method. It helps us to see change inside and outside the company as something truly valuable.


Need A Coach?

We have made it our task to share our long-time experience in agile work with others. And if required, we are happy to provide support and coaching.


Software Engineering


Coding for good

A fundamental characteristic of our company is the passion for good software. With this in mind, we approach every project in order to get the best out of it.


Upcoming Events